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Stryker Sports Cars are designed and built by Barry G Hissey and Sons of Barmax Engineering. Barmax is a family owned and operated business situated in the Industrial City of Port Pirie which lies on the Spencer Gulf, at the foot of the Southern Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

Barry has a long history in the race and custom built car industry. He started building up strong street cars in the 60s and built his first racing sports car in the early 70's. Having built several street/race cars for relatives and friends he moved from Adelaide to Leigh Creek in the late 70's.

Barmax Engineering was formed and over 100 race cars designed for customers. In 1991 Barry moved to Port Pirie and bought a new engineering workshop to expand his race car and general engineering business. He branched out into designing and building specialized vehicle components.

Having built a number of street, strip and and custom cars for himself and various customers over the years Barry decided to build a true high performance vehicle without the restrictions imposed by using an existing vehicle base.

Calling on over 35 years of experience Barry and his Sons designed and manufactured a vehicle that can be registered for the road and delivers a "race car" driving experience. In 2002 the first Stryker Clubman was registered and on the road.

Barry is now looking at a new chapter in the Stryker Sports Cars story and developing the next true high performance sports car, the Stryker Mamba.

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