Sports Kit Car from Stryker Cars

Clubman Options


Engine: Alloy engines from 1.1 litres to 4.5 litres.

Diff: L.S.D and alternative gear ratios.

Supension Components: Titanium.

Exhaust Systems: Titanium.

Brakes: Vented front discs, 4spot calipers, braided lines.

Dampers: Koni double adjustable.

Seats: Leather or Vinyl.

Trim: Padded console - Upholstered side panels.

Full Weather: Wind deflectors - Soft top and side curtains.

Body Finish: Two pack solid colour, Fullbody polished aluminium or Metallic paint /striping to order.

Filler Cap: Alloy, lock flush body mount.

This is only a small list of examples, options are limited only by your imagination. Additional options can be negotiated with Barry.

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