Sports Kit Car from Stryker Cars

3. Complete Roller

Rolling Chassis Kit - Price $24,950

Includes: All of Kit 2 plus

Brakes: Dual circuit hydraulic, adjustable pedal brackets, front and rear discs including Bundy lines, flexible hoses and hand brake assembly.

Cooling: Aluminium radiator with electric fan.

Fuel Tank: Aluminium, approx 45 litres complete with sender unit fuel lines and external fuel pump.

Instuments: Tacho, Speedo, Oil pressure, water temp, fuel guage and ammeter, warning lights and switches.

Electrical system: Instrument loom, all lights, wiper, horn, windscerrn washers and demister fan.

Plus: Retractable seat belts, steering wheel, windscreen, mirrors, bonnet hold down clips and grill.

This kit only needs the following to conplete: Engine and Transmission, Exhaust system, Tail Shaft, Wheels and Tyres, Seats, Internal trim and a Battery.


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