Sports Kit Car from Stryker Cars

Stryker Sports Cars

The Build:

Stryker cars are manufactured by Barry Hissey and Sons of Barmax Engineering. With a solid grounding ( over 30 years) in the racing industry Barry, a veteran petrol head and his sons have produced an exceptional car, light weight, solidly constructed and a thrill to drive. Stryker sports cars are hand precision built and registerable Australia wide.

The Performance:

With an estimated performance of 0 - 100 kph in less than 5 seconds and an approx top speed of 240kph the clubman can certainly get the adrenalin pumping. When you need to stop Stryker cars are designed with braking systems that will over deliver, built with your safety as a priority.

The Handling:

Not only do Stryker sports cars perform well, they are built to handle like a true sports car should. With super strong triangulated chassis, race developed components, fully adjustable rose jointed suspension and aluminium body, when you drive a Stryker Clubman you can feel the experience.

The Experience:

Enjoy the experience of building your own Clubman kit sports car or let us build one for you. Either way the results will be rewarding and the ride one you will never forget.

Stryker sports cars are available in a range of Kit Car forms as well as a jump in Turn-Key Car.

Orders for the "Stryker" Clubman are now being taken.
Delivered to your door.

Contact Barry or Jason to order or for further info.

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