Sports Kit Car from Stryker Cars

Stryker Kit Car

Prices and Specifications

The Stryker Clubman is offered in 4 Kit levels plus a Turn-Key drive away car. Non-inclusives are items which can be readily sourced by owners ( or supplied as required by Stryker Cars)

(a) STARTER body/chassis kit   $11,850.00
(b) BASE Roller   $15,980.00
(c) COMPLETE Roller   $24,950.00
(d) COMPLETE KIT from $35,970.00
(e) TURN KEY from $45,900.00


  1. Prices quoted include GST.
  2. Prices are correct at time of printing.
  3. All prices are for base models.
  4. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notification.
  5. Engine and gear-box prices subject to availability.

Payment plan:

On ordering, a contract will be issued to protect both parties. Payment at each stage will give ownership rights of work completed to that stage.

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