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Stryker Clubman

The Stryker Clubman is a high performance sports car designed for Australian conditions. With acceleration of 0-100 kph in under 5 seconds and an approximate top speed of 240 kph, this car is for the serious enthusiast.

The Clubman complies with Australian Design Regulations and is registerable Australia wide. It comes with...

Super stiff triangulated space-frame chassis:

The chassis, although similar to most space frame chassis has been designed with exceptional torsion and beaming strength, unlike the usual overseas imports.

More interior room, even for your passenger:

A significant proportion of Australians are in the region of 6 feet tall and have a hard time getting into a small sports car. The interior room in the Stryker Clubman allows most people to experience the rush of driving a true sports car.

Race type fully adjustable suspension:

The suspension comes from the factory set up for basic nuetral handling but the experienced driver can alter the suspension settings to suit their driving style.

Aluminium body, race radiator and fuel tank:

Aluminium is used for the body to enable changes in style to suit individual tastes, no two cars are the same, all the bodies are hand built. All cars also come with light weight aluminium race radiator and fuel tank.

Standard off the shelf parts are used as much as possible to enable easy parts procurement anywhere in Australia.

Clubman sports kit cars come in 4 kit levels plus a turn-key option. See our Prices/Specs page for further info and pricing.

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